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We’re here to transform you into a logo expert using our AI tools. Just last week, we introduced our AI Brief feature. (

Simply provide some basic information about your company or project, and our AI Brief will craft a comprehensive logo design brief for you.

Check out the attached recording to see it in action.


Peter van Grinsven: A visionary in digital transformation.

Over the past 25 years, Peter van Grinsven has cultivated a strong background in digital consulting and outsourcing through his company Connaxis. His passion lies in driving improvements in digital transformation and making a meaningful impact. Connaxis has consistently crafted exceptional experiences for clients worldwide.

“With LogoLeague, we’ve crafted an exceptional client experience for managing logo design contests. Think of it as orchestrating a brainstorming session where you sift through hundreds of designs from numerous designers to find the perfect fit for your business. We’ve developed an intuitive process for on-the-fly design mixing and matching, all while engaging in real-time conversations with designers to achieve even better results.

Partnering with our creative hive consistently produces spectacular outcomes.”